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Kindergarten Links

 bird7.gif (2155 bytes)Pre Reading/Reading
Mouse PracticeOnline Books/Writing
Color/Shape Activities
Alphabet/Phonics Activities
1Balloon Pop 
1Tumble Books Libraryclickon the Tumblebooks icon1Shapes & Color Games1Read, Think, Write Phonic Picture Match

Dibels Intervention Electrified

2Balloon Pop 
2BookPOP!2What Color?2Kiddonet.com-Letter sound recognitionPBS ABCD Watermelon Game2Reggie the Rhyming Rhino
3ABC Ya! Upper/Lower Case Matching3Story Line Online3

Hungry Crocodiles


3Poisson Rouge ABC ActivityAlphabet ZooThis game focuses on Partner Letters and beginning sounds.3Clifford's Road to Reading
4Mini Mouse4Story Place Preschool Library4Color The Rainbow4Alphabet Goup -Initial SoundsConnect the Letters4Grade K Links-Language Arts
5Decorate Doll House5And the Caboose Said…5Shapeville5Gus and Inky's Underwater AdventureBegins With...5Word Family Sort
6Egg Hunt!!6 Read, Think, Write Alphabet Organizer6FisherPrice Shapes6Wild Word Round UpGameGOO6

Words & Pictures Online Activities

7 7

7Rats Shapes7Roy the ZebraPlay Kids Games-Alphabet7PBS Between the Lions Fuzzy Lion Ears Game -Help the Lion choose the missing sound in 3 letter words
8 8 Spelling Match8TIC-TAC-TOE shapes8Little Explorer's DictionaryLeo the Letter-Loving Lobster8Kindergarten Literacy-This county in MA provides a hotlist of activities sorted by skill.
9 9 Dr. Seuss' Story Maker9Shape Match9Read ,Write , Think ABC MatchNina the Naming Newt9Internet4classrooms hotlist
10 10 Clifford's Puppy Letters
Spell words with Clifford.
10I spy Shapes10Keyboarding for KindergartenAlphabet Goop-sort words by beginning sounds10 
11 11 Clifford: Puppy Days Story Builder11Shapes11

Clifford's Sound Match

ABC Adventure11
12 12 12 12Bumper Car Starting LetterLug and the Giant Storks-Capital/lower case12 
13 13 13 13Picture Match

Clifford's Letter Match

14 14 14 14Letter BlendsConnect the Dots-Alphabet14 
15 15 15 15Undersea ABC GameBook of Pooh-Connect the Letters15 
16 16 16 16Paw Park-upper/lower case match16 
17 17 17 17 17 
18 18 18 18  18 
19 19 19 19  19 
20 20 20 20  20 



Math tbug18.gif (1937 bytes)
Multi Skill
1PBS Measurement1Pattern Practice1Money Recognition1Connect the Dots
1Academic SkillBuilders Games
2Taller or Shorter2 2PBS Money2Count Along to 1002Count Us In
3Same or Different3

Complete the Pattern

3PBS Clock3Adding Bricks3Harcourt Math Site(password: luckie)
4Calendar Game44Clock Wise4Walk the Dogs4Math is FUN
5PictoGraph5Pattern Mania55Fun4theBrain.com5Internet4classrooms Math Holist-
6 6Check Out Cookies6Spending Spree6 6Grade Level Links for Kindergarten
7 7 7 7 7 
8 8 8 8 8National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
9 9 9 9 9Harcourt Resources




bird7.gif (2155 bytes)Multi Subject Sites

ABC Ya! Kindergarten

Letter and Number ActivitiesLiteracy Center alphabet, colors, numbers, and shapes

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

Little Animal's Activity Center
Billy Bear's Games

PBS Kids(Curious George ,Between the Lions , Caillou,Clifford ,Sesame Street)

Sesame Street Central
 Fun School K Activities
Paw Island Games and ActivitiesBBC Education Activities
Gamequarium JR 
Fun Ranch Games

Kindergarten Links

PlayHouse Disney





tbug2a.gif (3214 bytes)Science & Social Studies


Living and Non-Living ThingsSee if you can make the right choices.
Science Clips - Growing Plants, Ourselves, Light/Dark, Push/Pulls, Sound, Sorting


dog4d.gif (2577 bytes)Teacher Resources

 Ms. Randall's Report-Videos for all subject areas!



DLTK Teach.com-Bulletin Board ideas, Nursery Rhymes, Mini Books

Mrs. Alphabet Links

Kid Zone-Printables

Kelly's Kindergarten Powerpoints

100 School-Home Links activities for the kindergarten level. The activities are organized by reading and literacy skills appropriate to this grade. This is an awesome resource for you to use with parents!


K-1 Early Lit HotlistNursery Rhymes for Early Literacy Featuring 30 nursery rhymes that include 500 words from Murphy's list of "1437 words commonly spoken by children in primary grades," these weekly lessons include illustrated rhymes, rhyming cards, and five days of lesson plans. All the downloads are in PDF format, making them easy to print and share.
KIZCLUB -Printable Learning Resources





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